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Ages: 3 years to 5 years

Home is where the heart is and we’ve made our preschool surroundings comfortable and warm. Our innovative learning environment is filled with many curious contraptions and fun educational activities. There are plenty of cushy places to flop and read or listen to music, and costumes to inspire imagination but the real strength of Children’s Paradise Preschool is our highly effective and developmentally appropriate Academic Curriculum!

We use the California Foundations & Frameworks Curriculum which was created by the Department of Education. Using the latest knowledge and a team representing the best academic minds this highly educational curriculum was developed to ensure all children enter kindergarten Healthy and Ready to Learn!

Our Preschool Program offers:

  • Highly educated caregivers - With a Bachelor's Degree or Higher!
  • State-of-the-Art Learning Environments
  • FREE tuition for qualified families (Call for more information on this!)
  • Healthy Meals & Snacks with Hands-On-Cooking
  • Outdoor time which encourages physical activity and inspires more learning
  • Kindergarten Readiness & Seamless Kindergarten Transition!

Proven Results Propel Your Children to Success!

We begin each year using the Ages & Stages Questionare. This helps us to initially identify strengths and areas of focus for each individual child. We then move on to a "DRDP analysis" of your child’s current knowledge so that we clearly understand where to start our teaching. Your Parent-Teacher conference in the fall shares all of this exciting information with you and documents where your child began. We then embark upon a magical learning journey!

Our lead teachers are experts in their field, and all have a Bachelors degree or higher. We take pride in delivering the highest quality early-childhood education to your child available (And our results prove it!).Our Curriculum is filled with Amazing Field-Trips, Hands-on-Cooking, Science projects, Math concepts, Process-Oriented-Art & focuses on creative play using proven methods to instill a depth of learning that cannot be undone. We engage subjects like language, science, math, and reading in a way that children love. After all, don’t you retain more information when you’re interested in what you’re learning? Yes!  Preschoolers are little people but they do not learn the same way as adults. That’s why we use cutting-edge curriculum that is research-based to give each child a huge learning advantage.

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