A History of Children's Paradise

As told by Julie's Son, Andrew:

Children’s Paradise Preschool and Infant Centers started, though my family might disagree, in my bedroom. One day, it was just me, but the next, strange children were there!

“Why are they playing in my room, mommy?” I would ask. I do have to admit, after all these years (Those kids started showing up way back in 1990!), I get it. But how could my mother ever convince me, a 5 year old (AND an "only child" at that point), that she needed to do something on the side because Daddy was having an unpredictable and hard time in his Civil Engineering business because of the economy? I didn't even know what an economy was, nor did I care (Toys was a subject I loved to study much more often). Not much chance at winning that argument, right?

So, the kids were really fun. It was like I had a whole crew of my own to play with! And because it was MY room, I could be the alpha-dog. With the lone exception of the destruction of my epic Lego constructions every so often, it was so much fun (I just rebuilt the Lego cities higher each time, anyway)!

One day, the kids stopped coming into my room. My mom said that she had a new place for all the kids to go, and that I could come too if I wanted! It turns out that my parents took out a second mortgage on MY house (Which I affectionately called my “house like a castle”) to take a chance at doing something great in an industry that desperately needed caring people to take charge. On the bright side, this new place had a PLAYGROUND!

And then I said, “Okay, I can forgive the risk, Mom. Be the best in your industry. Also get lots of toys for us to play with!” Well, I said something close to that. It must’ve inspired her, because she listened to my expert advice.

It wasn’t until 12 years later that we expanded to our second location (We call it “Melrose”). It actually started right next to Rancho Buena Vista High School in Vista’s Shadowridge community, but we moved it up the road a bit after a few years to a bigger place. To my delight, there is a BIGGER playground than there was at the Shadowridge spot!

Here we are, over 22 years later. At the time of this writing, I am 27, and am composing this in an office right next to my Mom’s. I’ve asked her for a new Lego room at the preschool, but I’m pretty sure she’s just stalling. She says that I can go buy my own Legos now.

I’ve lived and breathed Children’s Paradise since I was 5. I’ve worked in every classroom in Vale Terrace, with every age-group, and had fun for years over in the Clubhouse school-age program. There’s no better group of co-workers anywhere. It’s amazing to watch our teachers, day in and day out, come to work with a fire in their belly and a passion for what they’re doing after all this time. Many of our teachers have worked here for over a dozen years! They are definitely the biggest reason for our success – there is just a different air about a place that people enjoy what they do. The kids can feel it, which is one of the reasons why we have happy kids here (The playground is awesome, too).

If I could leave you with something to end our “About Us” page, it’d be this: I’ve never seen any school that is so open or involved with their parents and kids, from the teachers to the management staff, to the owners, right down to the owners’ extended family. When you bring your kids here, you can rest easy, because it’s the next best place to home!

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